Recipe – Fruit Cobbler/Crisp (low fat and low calories)

I have a tree full of peaches and I am getting bored eating them raw so I made my own version of a cobbler/crisp or whatever you wanna call it. I have been making this with peaches but it could it done with any fruit or any combination of fruit.


  • fruit of choice
  • oatmeal
  • butter/margarine (I use light margarine)
  • sugar substitute


  1. pre-heat oven to 375
  2. cut up fruit of choice – [I have been using 2-4 peaches] and place in oven safe dish and sprinkle with sugar substitute of choice – you may want to add a bit of brown sugar or cinnamon for extra flavour (I usually leave out – save myself the calories)
  3. mix 1/3 cup oats [I have been using quaker quick oats] with 1tbsp light margarine [you can use butter of your choice) and sugar substitute – mix together and sprinkle evenly over fruit
  4. bake in over for 45 minutes
  5. Let cool and enjoy!

Calories are pretty low depending on your ingredients you choose. For how I have been making it I get two servings out of the dish and it works out to about 140-180 calories a serving.

Additional Ideas

  • You could add a couple crumbled low fat graham crackers on top (before or after you bake) to give it more crunch (55 calories for 2).
  • You could top with some light cool whip for a nice treat (35 calories per 3tbsp).

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