I don’t want to talk about

But I will…

This weekend was horrible, just simply horrible! To give you an idea – I spent around $150 eating out! There was a very special occasion that needed to be celebrated but I shouldn’t of drag it out all weekend for every single meal – but what’s done is done. I posted half of what I ate yesterday and I did not post on Saturday and I am just going to leave it as that. I know what I ate, I know it was horrible – I don’t need to let it worry me. Today was a new day and it was a good day! I had a horrible stomach ache this morning and I slightly more then I wanted trying to get it go away – but overall it was a good day and I even exercised a bit this morning. I want to get to bed soon so I can exercise again tomorrow morning so I will post what I ate later… I am getting really bad at not posting the same day, so sorry.

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