George Canyon

I just got home from the George Canyon concert – wow – it was fantastic! We stayed after and I got my CD signed, he sang old and new songs, including some from his new CD Classics (coming out in October). It was funny he sang this song that my Dad used to play for me when I was little and when he introduced it he said his Dad used to sign it for him – haha. I think my favourtie song of the night though was “I want you to live” followed by “Drinkin Thinkin” both typical I suppose….

It was funny before we went I wasn’t totally sure who he was till I started hearing some of his songs – I am not the biggest country fan in the world but it was still a great show and I really enjoyed it.

Anyway I thought I would start trying to making this blog about more then just my weight loss – so maybe some of you can get to know a bit more about it. There really is more to my life then just losing weight, honest! Tomorrow is Friday – yay!

But I am tired after the concert, I will post what I ate today – tomorrow. Night.

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