I don’t want to talk about

But I will…

This weekend was horrible, just simply horrible! To give you an idea – I spent around $150 eating out! There was a very special occasion that needed to be celebrated but I shouldn’t of drag it out all weekend for every single meal – but what’s done is done. I posted half of what I ate yesterday and I did not post on Saturday and I am just going to leave it as that. I know what I ate, I know it was horrible – I don’t need to let it worry me. Today was a new day and it was a good day! I had a horrible stomach ache this morning and I slightly more then I wanted trying to get it go away – but overall it was a good day and I even exercised a bit this morning. I want to get to bed soon so I can exercise again tomorrow morning so I will post what I ate later… I am getting really bad at not posting the same day, so sorry.

George Canyon

I just got home from the George Canyon concert – wow – it was fantastic! We stayed after and I got my CD signed, he sang old and new songs, including some from his new CD Classics (coming out in October). It was funny he sang this song that my Dad used to play for me when I was little and when he introduced it he said his Dad used to sign it for him – haha. I think my favourtie song of the night though was “I want you to live” followed by “Drinkin Thinkin” both typical I suppose….

It was funny before we went I wasn’t totally sure who he was till I started hearing some of his songs – I am not the biggest country fan in the world but it was still a great show and I really enjoyed it.

Anyway I thought I would start trying to making this blog about more then just my weight loss – so maybe some of you can get to know a bit more about it. There really is more to my life then just losing weight, honest! Tomorrow is Friday – yay!

But I am tired after the concert, I will post what I ate today – tomorrow. Night.

I am behind…

In entering the last couple days of food – I have just been too busy in the evenings to fit it in. All my days are tracked and I am doing good I just don’t have time to site down and write the posts. So I just want to say that I am still here and I tried to do them tonight (I got Sunday done!) but I am just too tired to do any more – must sleep. I will try my hardest to get all caught up tomorrow.

I hope all of you had a good start to the week!

Craving McDonlad’s

There are over 31,000 McDonald’s world wide; with that many laying around it is hard not to pass one on a daily basis. I have had McDonald’s ONCE in the past year and half (or longer) – just recently in fact was my first trip in a long trip. So why is that EVERY TIME I walk near a McDonald’s I can smell it and crave it, even if I am not hungry? I walk by and my mouth starts to water – and the food isn’t even that good! I don’t dream of the burgers – I dream of the nuggets and fries – why? why? What do they put in that smell that makes you want it so badly? You can smell McDonald’s from blocks away and on the odd chance you do give into cravings and eat it, it is not even that good and you wonder why you wanted it so bad! Tonight I just couldn’t shake the idea of McDonald’s from my head – I kept trying to talk myself into it – luckily I did not give in. Go figure that as soon as I couldn’t smell anymore – I didn’t want it anymore.

One thing though – I must applaud McDonald’s for their FANTASTIC nutrition calculator – I wish all sites where this great. Just for fun I thought I would look up the calories in the chicken nuggets and fries – not as bad as I thought – still high though!

6 chicken nuggets (310 calories) w/ sweet and sour sauce (50 calories)
medium fries (360 calories)
total calories = 720 calories and 54 grams of fat

BUT you can save your self almost 300 calories (280 to be exact) by having 4 chicken nuggets and a small fry and no sauce (happy meal anyone?)
4 chicken nuggets (210 calories)
small fries (240 calories)
total calories = 440 calories and 35 grams of fat

So a happy meal really isn’t that bad – I could eat one and not ruin my day; although, it probably wouldn’t keep me as full as a nice home cooked meal with the same amount of calories. Something I am curious about is how 4 chicken nuggets are 210 calories, 52.5 calories each and 6 chicken nuggets are 310 calories, 51.6 calories each – so I could save myself almost 4 calories if I were to just eat 4 of the 6 chicken nugget pack? haha

As far as McDonald’s is concerned they do have salads that don’t look too bad – can’t say I have ever had one, but when I walk by McDonald’s and get that smell it is not because I am hungry and need something to eat and it simply because I can smell those nuggets and fries. Now if I were to need something to eat and have no other choice then I might consider a McDonald’s salad (with a light dressing) – other wise next time I HAVE TO HAVE the taste of the smell I will get a happy meal and as a bonus I get a toy! woot

Food On The Go

Sometimes I just can’t find the time to make my meals and usually it results in eating out and/or something stupid – but it doesn’t need too! There are lots of healthy choices out there that are quick, convenient and take little or no time to prepare – sometimes it just requires a little shopping and thinking. Keep in mind a lot of these pre-packaged food choices cost more then doing it yourself, but if you don’t have the time sometimes it is worth the bit of extra money to have someone package it for you! So I have created a list of food items, I will put the calorie information as I know it but keep in mind it does vary from brand to brand. There are tons of options out there, these are just foods I eat often (I have provided links to some of my favourite brands, but there are lots different brands out there offering similar products.) – be creative, walk down every isle of the store and look at all your quick options! The key is to just be creative!

You could eat any of these as snack or mix and match as a meal!

  1. instant oatmeal (120 calories) – comes in all different flavours (calories do vary)
  2. kozy shack rice pudding cups – no sugar added (90 calories) – they also have tapioca (90 calories), chocolate (90 calories) and butterscotch (80 calories)
  3. del monte fruit cups (50-100 calories)
  4. jell-o sugar free cups (10 calories)
  5. jello-o sugar free pudding cups (60)
  6. source yogurt cups (40-60 calories) – I really love the dessert flavours! There are lots of other yogurt cups out there, the bigger they are the more calories, also have a look for fat free
  7. unsweetened apple sauce cup (50 calories)
  8. 7 melba toast – round ones (70 calories)
  9. 1 ryvita crispbread (40-80 calories)
  10. rice crackers (80-100 calories)
  11. kraft thin cheese slice (40 calories)
  12. can of regular tuna (90-140 calories)
  13. ocean’s tuna snackit (190 calories) also comes in salmon and a couple other tuna flavours
  14. mini can of flavoured tuna (100-180 calories)
  15. canned soup (70-200 per half cup calories) – look for lower calorie options like campbells healthy request or primo, chicken and vegetable will be lower in calories then clam chowder – just pick your soup wisely!
  16. Lipton Cup-A-Soup (50-80 calories)
  17. chewy quaker granola bars (100 calories)
  18. nature valley sweet and salty bar (160-170 calories)
  19. sun-rype fruitsource bar (with and without veggies) (130 calories)
  20. canned muscles/oysters (140-200 calories)
  21. canned sardines (170-200 calories)
  22. cottage cheese, half cup skim (90 calories)
  23. 100 calorie pack, like thinsations, chips, rice cakes (100 calories)
  24. rice cakes – plain and flavoured (30-60 calories per large cake)
  25. 14 mini rice cakes (100 calories)
  26. cheese string or stick (60-90 calories)
  27. popcorn – smart pop mini bag (100 calories) w/ popcorn seasoning
  28. beef jerkey – 1 large piece (80 calories)
  29. sliced deli meat, chicken or turkey 1 slice (approx. 10-20 calories depends on thickness)
  30. sliced veggies (calories are low and vary) with 1tbsp light dressing (20 calories), cucumber, celery, peppers are all very low, carrots are higher
  31. piece of fruit: apple (80 calories), orange (60 calories), banana (100 calories), peach (60 calories), 1 cup grapes (100 calories)
  32. boiled egg (70-80 calories) – I usually boil them when I am in the shower, make a few at a tim; they last forever in the fridge!
  33. 2 tbsp hummus (40-60 calories)
  34. quaker oatmeal to go bar (200 calories) – I find these really filling
  35. pre packaged smoked salmon 2oz (50-60 calories)
  36. pre packaged cooked small shrimp 2oz (30-50 calories)
  37. (I hope to keep adding to this)

This list could go on and on – take an hour go to the store and just walk up and down every isle, it is amazing the food items you can find that are quick and low in calories. Some of these foods will take a few seconds to put in a bag or a container but you could have your lunch/dinner/breakfast/snacks packed in under 5 minutes – just mix and match and be creative! Pair you can of tuna with some crackers, veggies, and a cup of soup! The options are endless once you start thinking about it.

Recipe – Fruit Cobbler/Crisp (low fat and low calories)

I have a tree full of peaches and I am getting bored eating them raw so I made my own version of a cobbler/crisp or whatever you wanna call it. I have been making this with peaches but it could it done with any fruit or any combination of fruit.


  • fruit of choice
  • oatmeal
  • butter/margarine (I use light margarine)
  • sugar substitute


  1. pre-heat oven to 375
  2. cut up fruit of choice – [I have been using 2-4 peaches] and place in oven safe dish and sprinkle with sugar substitute of choice – you may want to add a bit of brown sugar or cinnamon for extra flavour (I usually leave out – save myself the calories)
  3. mix 1/3 cup oats [I have been using quaker quick oats] with 1tbsp light margarine [you can use butter of your choice) and sugar substitute – mix together and sprinkle evenly over fruit
  4. bake in over for 45 minutes
  5. Let cool and enjoy!

Calories are pretty low depending on your ingredients you choose. For how I have been making it I get two servings out of the dish and it works out to about 140-180 calories a serving.

Additional Ideas

  • You could add a couple crumbled low fat graham crackers on top (before or after you bake) to give it more crunch (55 calories for 2).
  • You could top with some light cool whip for a nice treat (35 calories per 3tbsp).