Food Tip: Mayonnaise

For me mayonnaise is a food (or condiment) that I don’t want to waste calories on. I look at is as something to mix with my tuna or to put on a toast with tomato or egg, etc.

1 tbsp of mayonnaise has 90 calories! WOW! And to think, you probably use more then 1 to make tuna sandwich, you could easily add 200 calories to your sandwitch with mayonnaise alone!

1 tbsp of light mayonnaise has 45 calories – not too bad.

But if your like me, and you don’t care or even notice the different between mayonnaise and miracle whip then look at this:

1 tbsp of regular miracle whip has 40 calories! 40! But wait… it gets even better…

1 tbsp of LIGHT MIRACLE WHIP HAS 15 CALORIES, amazing – you can from 90 to 15 calories, saving your self 75 (and really more if you use it like I do in my tuna!)

I know when I first discovered the light miracle whip I was ecstatic! I don’t even use it that often, couple times a month maybe; as I don’t really like it that much, but for those few times I do use it – it is nice to be able to use it and not worry about all the extra calories I am adding. Even if you are hard core about your mayo (as I know some people really like one better then the other) give the light miracle whip a try, and save yourself the 30-90 calories :)

Another idea I like, is to use a light ranch or caesar dressing in place of the miracle whip, it is slightly more at 20 cals a tbsp but adds a nice extra flavour.

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