Food Find: Chocolate Cool Whip


I was walking through Wal-Mart (looking for Doggie Ice Cream; witch I didn’t find…) and I happened to see Chocolate Cool Whip! I love light cool whip for a little taste if I am craving ice cream or to put on top of my strawberries or jello so I jumped at the idea of chocolate flavoured so into the cart it went! I do eat my cool whip straight out of the freezer (I don’t keep in fridge like the package says) so it seems more like ice cream.

After rushing home and trying it out I can report that is is delicious. It tastes similar to chocolate malt or a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty though not as good, witch is a good thing for me. It is only 35 calories at 3 tbsp and gives you a nice chocolate ice cream type taste, though I can’t see that I would be able to sit down and eat the entire tub (it’s not THAT good!). However if I did decide to eat the entire tub it would only be 563 calories – that certainly wouldn’t ruin a day!

However, in comparison 1/2 cup of regular chocolate ice cream is around 120 calories and 1/2 cup of chocolate cool whip is 93 – in my opinion if you really want the chocolate ice cream go for it, it’s only an extra 17 calories – my problem is that I can not eat only half a cup of ice cream – I can not control myself when it comes to ice cream. Chocolate cool whip on the other hand… I doubt I could eat much more then a 1/3 of a cup.

Chocolate Cool Whip does seem to be a ‘seasonal flavour’ so I can only assume it won’t be around long, go get it (and stock up!) while you can. I can’t see it being something I would eat all the time but it makes a nice treat once and a while, even just a mouthful or too to fill that craving for chocolate, ice cream or the both mixed together. I imagine on top of some fruit maybe even with a graham cracker or two it would be even more fantastic.

In short, Chocolate Cool Whip gets 3.5/5 stars because it satisfies my chocolate ice cream craving (without me having to eat the whole tub) it loses 1.5 stars because it is not always available (and hard to find) and it only saves you about 17 cals (per half a cup) in comparison to the real deal.

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